Tungsten Carbide Pellets in Welding on a Variety of Oil Drilling and Mining Tools

●Significantly increase surface hardness, harder than steel pellets
●Increase wear resistance, toughness of cobalt bonded matrix with excellent impact resistance.
●Increase corrosion resistance
●Increase work life
●Spherical shape suitable for sliding wear

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Carbide pellets are widely used in welding on a variety of oil drilling and mining tools and components to form a hard layer and significantly increase surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and work life of the tools.

Tungsten carbide pellets is unique because it is manufactured in a sintering process and is extremely hard. Compared with WC, it comes with better resistance to impact performance abrasive wear. Different composition and particle size of WC and pellets due proportion collocation can show a very high resistance to impact and abrasion resistance.

Carbide Pellets Features

1. Significantly increase surface hardness, harder than steel pellets

2. Increase wear resistance, toughness of cobalt bonded matrix with excellent impact resistance.

3. Increase corrosion resistance

4. Increase work life

5. Spherical shape suitable for sliding wear

Carbide Pellets Applications

It is widely used in build-up welding for petroleum equipment. used for welding overlay to make the parts become more wearable. For making the bits to reinforce the wear surface. The hardness, wear and corrosion resistance of the surface welded with WC rod can be greatly improved. It is cost effective and is widely used in the drilling and manufacturing industry, engineering machinery, metallurgical as well as mining industry etc.

Tungsten Carbide Pellets, being welded as hardbanding, as a method for protecting drill pipe tool joints from premature abrasive wear, has been in wide spread use, to increase the wear life of your hardfacing equipment. They are spherical in shape and have no thin edges or points to wear away which makes their application in the drilling industry casing friendly.


Grade recommendation

Grade Densityg/cm3 HardnessHRA TRS  ≥N/mm²
YQ3 14.5-14.7 90.0-91.0 1700
YQ4 14.6-14.7 91.0-91.5 1700

Size range:10-100 meshes (14-24 meshes most popular)

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starStrictly full process from material to finished products quality control based on ISO9001 to ensure supply high quality tungsten carbide products

star30 years Founder Laboratory to sever internal Research & Development aim to develop upgraded products and lower costs items.

starERP system to ensure production on line and deliver on time

starTH grades are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20 %.

star30 years experience supplying High quality tungsten carbide products to 60 countries worldwide.


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