Solid Carbide Milling Scarifier Cutters and Accessories

●Excellent combinations of wear resistance
●High impact and shock resistance
●Aggressive cutter
●Designed for all heavy-duty scarifying purposes

ISO9001 certified global manufacturer, we specialized in producing stable working performance of tungsten carbide products. Stock samples are free and available.

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Solid Carbide scarifier cutters are used in road construction and excavating machinery and requirements.

Solid carbide scarifier cutters are excellent combinations of wear resistance and high impact and shock resistance. They last longer than standard cutters, cut down on changeover time, work best on hard surfaces, leave a slightly rough, contoured surface and fit all machines.

Solid Carbide Scarifier Cutter Features

1. Excellent combinations of wear resistance

2. High impact and shock resistance

3. Aggressive cutter

4. Designed for all heavy-duty scarifying purposes

Solid Carbide Scarifier Cutter Applications

Solid Carbide scarifier cutters offer extreme grinding, leveling, grooving, cleaning and general surface preparation. It is a very aggressive cutter designed for all heavy-duty scarifying purposes. They are widely used for the old coating removal, and floor texturing and grooving to create nonslip surfaces and to allow drainage. Used for roughening of concrete or asphalt, trip hazard removal, cleaning of stone surfaces, concrete grooving, aggressive milling of concrete and traffic line removal.

There are many different styles available for your different working requirement.


Grade Recommendation

Grade Density  g/cm3  Hardness  HRA TRS  ≥N/mm²
TG1C 14.2-14.4 86.5-88.0 2300
TG2C 14.05-14.25 86.0-87.5 2350
TG3C 13.9-14.0 86.0-87.0 2400

Why Choose Us

starStrictly full process from material to finished products quality control based on ISO9001 to ensure supply high quality tungsten carbide products

star30 years Founder Laboratory to sever internal Research & Development aim to develop upgraded products and lower costs items.

starERP system to ensure production on line and deliver on time

starTH grades are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20 %.

star30 years experience supplying High quality tungsten carbide products to 60 countries worldwide.


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  • J01 TYX35-7-1 35.6 11.6 7
    TYX35-7-2 35.6 13.5 7
    J02 TYX26-10-3 26.5 11.9 10
    TYX26-10-4 26.5
    J03 TYX30-15-5 30.5 11.5 15
    TYX30-15-16 30.5
     J04 TYX42-12-6 42.5 15 12
    J04 TYX41-18-10 41 16 18
    J04 TYX32-18-9 32 16 18
    J04 TYX46-7-11 46 15.3 7
    J04 TYX50-15-12 50 16 15
    J04 TYX55-12-14 55 22 12
    J04 TYX39-7-15 39 13.5 7
    J04 TYX42-8-7 42 13.5 8
    TYX42-8-8 42 15 8
    J04 TYX37-23-6 37 14.5 23
    J04 TY100-24-17 100 39.4 24
    J04 TY47-12 47 15 12