Carbide Tools Blanks For Customization, press to size products, wear parts, ISO

●Grade design for specific applications
●Geometry design for specific jobs
●Prototypes for any quantity
●Issuing of 2D/3D drawings
●Surface Passivation
●Hard machining service include : Centrless Grinding Chamfer Grinding Plain Surface Grinding

ISO9001 certified global manufacturer, we specialized in producing stable working performance of tungsten carbide products. Stock samples are free and available.

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We offer a wide range of products (standard or special geometry) and a wide range of quality required by the specific needs of customers. Size and quality on request, rough or ground.

Our manufacturing process is operating fully in compliance with ISO9001. Consistency and traceability is the promise we keep to our customers.

Over 30 years of experience doing R&D and manufacturing carbide, Tianhe has built a dedicated team consisting global experts in technical and commercial areas who always stand behind our customers.

The mission of meeting and exceeding customer's expectations is ongoing. Tianhe has a wide range of capabilities to provide more high value services.

1. Grade design for specific applications
2. Geometry design for specific jobs
3. Prototypes for any quantity
4. Issuing of 2D/3D drawings
6.Hard machining service include : Centrless Grinding
Chamfer Grinding Plain Surface Grinding

Why Choose Us

starStrictly full process from material to finished products quality control based on ISO9001 to ensure supply high quality tungsten carbide products

star30 years Founder Laboratory to sever internal Research & Development aim to develop upgraded products and lower costs items.

starERP system to ensure production on line and deliver on time

starTH grades are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20 %.

star30 years experience supplying High quality tungsten carbide products to 60 countries worldwide.


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