Carbide Nozzles For Mining & Oil Field Drilling Bits & Natural Gas Prospecting

●High hardness
●Excellent wear-resisting property
●Excellent corrosion resistance property
●Good durability and cost-defectiveness

ISO9001 certified global manufacturer, we specialized in producing stable working performance of tungsten carbide products. Stock samples are free and available.

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The hard alloy nozzle is formed by hot pressing sintering of hot straight holes and mound holes. Due to its hardness, and excellent wear and corrosion resistance, hard alloy nozzles have been widely used in sand blasting and shot blasting equipment, ensuring long-term use of products in the best air and abrasive.

Carbide Nozzle Features

1. High hardness

2. Excellent wear-resisting property

3. Excellent corrosion resistance property

4. Good durability and cost-defectiveness

Carbide Nozzle Applications

Carbide nozzles are used mainly to PDC drill bits and roller core flushing, drill bits for cooling and lubrication drill bit tips and cleaning stone chips in the well bottom with drilling liquid in the working conditions of high pressure, vibration, sand and slurry impacting during oil and natural gas prospecting.

The nozzle is a device designed to control the direction or special gas flow (especially increase speed) of an object when it enters (or exits) a closed cavity or pipe. On the nozzle side, the carbide nozzle is the most durable and cost-effective.

The carbide nozzle has a scientific radius of curvature design at two entrances This design ensures the smooth passage of the thread. Due to the processing of the whole material, there is no elevation angle in the drilling. Compared with the ruby nozzle, the phenomenon of easy bending and blocking has been improved.

Grade Recommendation

Grade Density  g/cm3 Hardness  HRA TRS  ≥N/mm²
TG1C 14.2-14.4 87-88 2300

Why Choose Us

starStrictly full process from material to finished products quality control based on ISO9001 to ensure supply high quality tungsten carbide products

star30 years Founder Laboratory to sever internal Research & Development aim to develop upgraded products and lower costs items.

starERP system to ensure production on line and deliver on time

starTH grades are extremely corrosion-resistant, extraordinarily tough and highly wear-resistant which results in an increase of the tool life of up to 20 %.

star30 years experience supplying High quality tungsten carbide products to 60 countries worldwide.


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